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Hello all of those who are interested! 
Why have I called your attention? I am planning on creating a play once school is over in most of my free time. Meaning when I can use my hands on my mini and I'm not walking. Not only do I intend to make the story idea I have into a play, but I want it to be a musical.
Why am I making a musical?
I got the idea to make a Disney-type story with a prince as the main character. There are not really any prince stories if any that are fantasy. If there are any, they are more on an action side to where it is not similar to the Disney Princess stories. I want to create a story that might make a little boy say: I want to be a prince! Just as how we tend to think of all girls wishing to be a princess if not thinking it themselves. Disney movies usually have a musical song in them when in this type of 'princess' format, so there needs to be some songs.
What is the idea?
The main character will be a prince that gets cursed as a young child (around 10 is when we see the effect of the curse). The curse prevents him from taking the crown and continuing the reign of the family, meaning the downfall of the family to where to one who cursed the family wins. The curse is that he turns into a 'Swan' or a beautiful girl, when it is daytime. As time goes on he starts to dye slowly as a guy where as he stays healthy as a guy to where eventually he'll stay a girl forever once he dies as a guy. However, the way to break the curse is unknown for most of the play& I have not decided how it will be broken.
Why a play or on a stage?
You can feel free to draw character designs if you want, but the prince& princess form must look like twins face wise. Their body features change though, from a slim girl, to a taller, but average built guy due to lack of activity. The reason it's going to be a play is to show the emotions, actions, and relations best since animation is not something that I know well. I also want to be able to be a part of it, so I know if I needed artist also, then this wouldn't be my work. It would equally be everyone's work and not my idea anymore. 

If you are interested, please notify me my text message, Facebook, message or reply on here, e-mail, Skype, or phone call. Note that the order of the way is which I will notice first or respond to first. I am already working with a great friend on a song right now that happens in the musical, and I have another friend who will help with music and ideas. If performed for the talent show, anyone who helps will be first considered for parts. Further ideas and info will come as I get breaks to work on it.

I hope to hear from you soon! Anyone is welcome!
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